3 Tips to help take control of your hydration

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Hydration - Its all the rage these days, am I right? Ever since my husband was gifted with Tom Brady's book 'The TB12 Method' we got weirdly excited about staying ahead of our hydration needs. I mean we were ALL IN; Logging our intake daily, encouraging one another hourly, y'all - even pillow talk began to involved some sort of processing of the radical changes that were taking place in our life as a direct result from our outstanding hydration achievements.

Tom Brady took hydration to another level for my husband and I. We were challenged to go beyond the standard intake goal and "rehydrate" to make up for any beverage that may actually contribute to dehydration. That means that for every serving of coffee, juice, alcohol and pretty much anything else that isn't water we would need to first add an extra TWO cups of water to ensure our hydration was in line with that of a 6 time Super Bowl champion. The difference in our lives that this challenge made for us was the driving force of some spectacular habits that we have practiced for over two years.

But as with all habits, commitment levels become challenged as circumstances and routines change. There have been a few times in the past two years that my hydration station AKA my body, was less than up to par. But here are my top three tips to get your hydration back on track if you have fallen victim to relying on caffeine and snacks to mask the symptoms of dehydration.

1. Buy a water bottle that you can take anywhere specifically one that is spill proof.

Y'all, when I had nothing but ugly water bottles that were old and chipping they were the last thing I wanted to tote around. Truthfully, that meant I wasn't packing them to go with me anywhere. Buy a water bottle that you feel proud of, and think of it an an accessory.

These are my everyday Go-Tos.

Side note; what got me really fired up a couple of months ago was buying stickers by artist all from some of my favorite places to visit around the US and adding them to my water bottle. The art is beautiful and I love keeping that positivity at my side throughout the day. This was one way I could help support artists during the shut down.

For me I love the white Yetis, they are chic and hold up amazingly with daily usage and they are also dishwasher safe. The mudslinger lid keeps it spill proof and I travel with the larger one as back up for the days that I will be away from home.

2. Take the challenge

Take your body weight in pounds and divide it by two, whatever number you get will be the number of ounces in water you will need as a minimum for your daily hydration goal. For every one serving of caffeine, juice, or alcohol you have you will add 2 (8 ounce) servings of water. Don't be surprised if you began to decrease the amount of caffeine and alcohol you consume as a result of being too full. But You will began to feel so much better. Remember to talk with your doctor before changing your hydration habits as everyone has different needs and this is not for everyone, nor is this medical advice. If this excites you I highly recommend buying The TB12 Method to follow the exact program.

3. Know how much water in ounces your water bottle holds.

If you know the amount of ounces your water bottle holds then you will know exactly how many times you should be refilling that water bottle throughout the day.

Its really easy to get off track but staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your mind and body! I hope you have found some inspiration here, happy dirnking!

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