How my Cast Iron Skillet spiced up more than the food that cooks in it.

This week I am sharing with you my new found love for a cast iron skillet. This is one of the items I must have in my kitchen. Recently we went on vacation and I lugged two of these with us. What can I say, I am committed. It was a few days into my cast iron journey that I began getting a little extra attention in the kitchen. My husband, who usually keeps our daughter while I am cooking began frequenting the kitchen a little more than usual and he wasn't coming to lend a helping hand. It wasn't long after we started putting our daughter to bed on the weekends before I started cooking dinner ;)

Here are some of the other things I love about this cast iron skillet:

1. Every meal seems to be finished in less than 20 minutes.

2. The clean up is quick, just make sure you clean it before it gets cold.

3. The flavors of the dishes are seemless and dynamic.

4. It transfers easily from the stove to the oven resulting in seared, tender, and jucy meat.

5. The sauces that naturally form in the pan are delectable.

In case you are unaware, the cast-iron skillet is just about the best everyday go to dinner cooker. I have owned one now for a little over 15 years but only used it a handful of times. I wasn't sure how to clean it, my food stuck to it, and it always seemed to rust so it got buried along side my Le Crusset dutch oven which seemed to be in the same 'fancy cookware I don't know how to use properly' section of my cabinet.

Recently, I decided to give the cast iron skillet another try. I figured I am much more of an adult now than I was the last time I set out to use it so I am going to do what makes the most sense. I looked up a new tasty cast iron skillet recipe, watched a YouTube video on how to season it, cook with it, and clean it so I can follow all the steps properly, and last but not least I ordered a brand new one shiny one from target just for some added motivation.

I do not remember what I cooked that first night, but I know it was life changing. In all honestly it mirrored my dating relationship with my husband. Our first day lasted three days and we never dated anyone else again, 7 months later we were married. Similarly, there was no turning back after I learned how my cast iron skillet wanted to be treated and cared for. It is my one stop pot, my ride or die, my newest go-to. And if you aren't using one regularly, I encourage you to pull out your old forgotten cast iron skillet, or buy a perfectly new one and get to cooking.

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